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  • About us

    “TASTEFUL EUROPE – Tradition and Quality”

    This is the title of a three-year programme for promoting food from EU Member States. It has been developed and implemented by the Association of Butchers and Producers of Processed Meat of the Republic of Poland and the National Union of Groups of Fruit and Vegetable Producers under the Common Agricultural Policy. It is co-financed from the EU budget and from the Pork Promotion Fund, the Beef Promotion Fund and the Fruit and Vegetable Promotion Fund.


    The goals of the programme

    The “Tastes of Europe” programme answers questions regarding safe food production in Europe, the principles of obtaining high-quality products and their manufacturing processes in the food chain. It discusses ideal climate and soil conditions for farming as well as modern technologies and the EU and global quality assurance systems, such as HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GHP (Good Hygiene Practice), GAP (Good Agricultural Practices).



    High standards of manufacturing processes

    result in high quality products



    What products do we promote?


    The products we promote include:

    • Fresh, chilled and frozen beef and beef products
    • Fresh, chilled and frozen pork and pork products
    • High quality poultry – whole and cuts
    • Wide variety of fruit, including apple, fruit of the Vaccinium species, American blueberry and chokeberry
    • Selected vegetables and processed fruit and vegetable products


    In the second year of the “Tastes of Europe” programme, we will be presenting high quality European products at fairs in Hong Kong, South Korea, China and Vietnam.