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  • Choose safe EU meat products!

    Delicious European meat products make for a great choice for your next meal! Discover their variety and characteristics, while learning more about the world of European meat. Explore their delicious flavours and find out what makes them so safe.


    The characteristics of EU meat products

    Cooking, smoking, drying – there are many ways of preparing food and each of them results in different properties and distinctive flavours. The European range of food products encompasses numerous delicious and safe meats.


    Taste and flavour

    The range of EU meat products includes:

    – cooked beef ham, characterised by its exquisite delicate flavour, which goes great with sandwiches, as well as makes it a great appetiser.

    – gammon – smoked pork neck meat, characterised by its distinct flavour.

    – smoked and cooked pork ham with white fatty layers that bolsters its strong flavour.

    – Sopot sirloin, which is characterised by exceptional juiciness and delicate flavour, a perfect choice for sandwiches and as a quick snack or appetiser.

    – smoked bacon – a meat product with characteristic thick layer of fat, with unique flavour thanks to the smoking process.

    – smoked beef tenderloin, characterised by incredible tenderness, perfect for an appetizer or an exquisite treat.

    – Pâtés – heavily ground and seasoned, then baked in trays. A perfect choice for any occasion.

    – sausages and cabanossi, characterised by their exceptional tenderness and flavour, which you can eat cold, roasted, fried or even cooked.


    Why choose EU meat products?

    Meat products made in the EU are distinguished by their exceptional quality thanks to the strict European production standards. In line with the farm-to-table strategy, food production is audited, checked and controlled at every stage, while farmers are required to follow stringent production guidelines and undergo inspections and audits making sure that this is the case. [1]

    Choose the most delicious products from the vast range of safe meats and sausages from the EU. Keep in mind that by choosing European food you are ensuring safety and high quality, reflected in the wonderful flavours!


    [1] Council of the European Union https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/policies/from-farm-to-fork/ (7.03.2023).