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  • Interactive Conference, February 2023, Seoul - REPORT

    On the 21st of February in Seoul we held an amazing event which was - Interactive Conference! See what was happening at this wonderful event!


    Attendees learned about delicious and safe food. They learned more about the promoted European products: pork, beef, poultry, meat preserves, as well as fruits and their preserves. They tasted wonderful European flavors prepared by our excellent Chefs, and during the delicious tasting, all the information about the served product was displayed on a presentation.


    In addition, our experts introduced the attendees to:

    - the rigorous standards that European food must meet in order to be approved for sale,

    - the exceptional product quality and safety that the consumer gains by choosing European food,

    - detailed information on the Farm to Fork strategy that makes the product so safe,

    - the import and export of products from the EU.


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    Check out the report: