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  • PORK

    European pork is universal meat that is popularly used for home cooking and for various kinds of delicious cold cuts. This is due to the rich taste of this meat.  Good quality pork is delicate and juicy with white and compact fat.  Good quality pork may be recognised by its colour – it should be pink (the darker the shade of pink, the better the quality of pork) with white strands of fat.

    Red colour means that pork is young and was stored in the right temperature.  The darker the colour of pork, the better its quality and the richer its flavour. The fat layer on a piece of pork moisturises the meat during heat processing and fills it with the right aroma. It is particularly important for leaner pork cuts, such as loin or tenderloin. If you want to roast meat that is not sufficiently fatty, put it in a net with an extra piece of fat, for example lard from another pork cut.  European pork is easy to prepare and tastes best with onion, garlic, thyme, mustard, oregano and balm vinegar.