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  • Seven reasons for which apples are worth eating!

    Apples are a very popular fruit, and many people eat them frequently. This is not surprising – apples have many nutritive benefits and an excellent taste. When have you last eaten them? After reading this article, you will work up your appetite and learn why it is good to choose fruits from the EU. Here are the seven reasons for which apples are worth eating!

    Apples – one fruit, many varieties

    Do you know that one apple differs from another? Some varieties are harder and sourer, whereas others are very sweet and have soft flesh. You will surely find a variety that will become your favourite one! All the more so, because including apples in your daily diet will give you many benefits.

    Discover the seven reasons for which apples are worth eating

    Apples differ in shape, size, colour and ripening period.[i] However, all of them have the same advantages. Read about the seven most important ones:

    1. Delicious taste. Each variety has its lovers and a distinctive taste. It is worth tasting apples grown in Poland: Royal Gala, Ligol, Red Delicious and Red Jonaprice.
    2. Broad culinary potential. You can eat them in a raw, cooked, baked, roasted, braised or dried form. Apples finely enrich the taste of desserts, salads, sauces and meat dishes. They are used for making juices, compotes, or even alcoholic beverages and vinegar.
    3. Rich nutritive value. Apples have a rich chemical composition. They contain valuable vitamins (C, B1, B2, B6, niacin, A, E, etc.), provitamins (e.g., β-carotene and carotenoids) and various chemical elements.[ii]
    4. Natural source of polyphenols. Apples and their products are rich in polyphenols – compounds with a strong oxidising effect that are worth including in your daily diet.[iii]
    5. High fibre content. Dietary fibre is an important ingredient of apples. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends the consumption of 27–40 g of fibre per day, and eating one or two apples is a great step to achieving this goal.[iv]
    6. Low-calorie snack. An apple of average size (150 g) has only 50–80 kcal, mainly from hydrocarbons (ca. 14% of the composition). It is, therefore, a nourishing and valuable snack.
    7. Low price all year round. The price of apples is really attractive, and you can enjoy their taste all year round, because both early and late varieties are available in shops.

    Choose tasty and safe apples from the EU

    Have you become hungry for a juicy apple? Fruits produced in the EU are not only tasty, but also rich in nutritive and safe ingredients. Their high quality is possible thanks to EU legislation that lays down specific rules for the establishment, maintenance and protection of orchards. So, when you go shopping next time, remember about this exceptional fruit!



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