Pork is a tasty meat and a staple of tables in Europe. It is an ingredient of numerous different dishes and meat products despite its high calorie content. The tastiest meat is produced from pigs weighing about 100 kilograms – it is characterised by light pink colour and white, firm fat. The darker pink colour of the meat shows that it was produced from older animals, and it is often tough and stringy. Pork meat slightly overgrown with fat – so-called marbled meat – is highly valued by chefs and consumers. Throughout the whole process of growth and processing, pork producers strive for high quality and low fat content of the meat going to our tables.

What parts of pork can be used for what purposes?

For frying – loin, sirloin, ham;

For grilling – loin with bone, neck, pork and poultry kebabs, bacon;

For roasting – large pieces to avoid drying out: ham with bone; ribs; loin with bone;

For stewing – shoulder, knuckle, ribs, ham and bacon.

Pork Meat Cuts