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  • Advisory system - benefits for farmers and consumers

    The European Commission ensures the high quality of EU food in various ways. One of them is the farm advisory system (FAS). Read how this unique scheme affects the quality of crops and livestock and discover tasty food from Europe!

    What is the farm advisory system?

    It is a uniform way of giving advice on land and farm management, environmental protection and proper animal husbandry.[i]  Every farmer in the EU can benefit from it.[ii]

    These are not just dry facts. The advisory system organises interesting training courses, conferences, demonstrations, competitions, Olympiads, fairs and many more. As advisors are independent, they are highly trusted among the farming community and in rural areas.[iii]

    Farmers receive a wide range of support

    The farm advisory system covers a wide range of topics. EU farmers can request assistance for:

    • Implementation of climate and environmental legislation;
    • The use of plant protection products and water management;
    • Safety and hygiene of food production;
    • Cooperation with suppliers and distributors.[iv]

    As you can see, people running farms in the EU are well prepared to produce tasty and safe food. Their products are destined for national and international markets.

    The advisory system guarantees a high-quality product

    Skilful advice is an invaluable aid to the agricultural sector. With specialist knowledge, growers and breeders make well-thought-out decisions and bring quality products that are safe for you and your family to market.

    Although, as a consumer, you don't join the farm advisory system, you can also take advantage of its benefits. The next time you go shopping, look for products from European producers who care about food quality and safety.


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