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  • Discover types of safe poultry meat from the EU!

    Check why European poultry is such a great choice! Discover its types and characteristics. Learn why it stands out among other meats. See how you can cook it and enjoy its delicious taste.



    The EU has adopted strict marketing standards for poultry. They are aimed at ensuring the high quality of the product and at the coherence of standards on the EU market. In addition, the EU monitors the situation on the poultry market[1] so that you could be sure that the selected product is safe, fresh and delicious.



    Delicious and delicate meat. It contains B vitamins and new mineral ingredients (zinc, phosphorus, potassium)[2]. A good choice for those who prefer high-quality food.

    The most frequently used part of the chicken is its breast. Its firm meat with a sweetish taste will delight your palate. You can grill or fry it, or use it as part of salads. Its advantage lies in universality – you can prepare it in hundreds of ways.

    Tenderloin is a meat from a part of the breast – it is particularly quick to prepare. Chicken tenderloins are ideal for frying, grilling or cooking.



    A kind of meat abounding in B vitamins, niacins, folic acid, magnesium, potassium and iron. A great option for persons who watch their calories[3].

    Turkey breast is a delicious, delicate and juicy meat that you will like from the first bite. An ideal choice for dinner or for salads.

    Turkey tenderloin with delicate consistency and subtle taste will surely appeal to you. It requires short thermal processing and will be ideal for grilling or frying.



    A high protein content, an abundance of mineral ingredients and vitamins, and the presence of high-quality fat are the biggest advantages of goose meat[4].

    Goose breast has a fat layer with a delightful aroma; if you cook it on a barbecue, you will enjoy an excellent feast. It is available also in a smoked form.

    Goose thighs are a type of bone-in meat that has a more intense flavour and aroma than breast has. You will appreciate it for its exceptional juiciness and universal use. This delicious meat can be used for cooking a tasty aromatic bouillon or soup.

    If you choose goose carcass from the EU for lunch, its taste will delight you and your guests. It is an ideal choice for special occasions. This appreciated meat with a sweetish flavour tastes particularly good when roasted. Stuffing it with fruit is an ideal option.


    Do you already know why European poultry is worth choosing? Pay attention to the products you buy and enjoy a safe and exceptionally tasty high-quality product.



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