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  • Crispy, delicate, thin, long sausage made of medium-cut pork, poultry or beef meat, smoked for short-to-long time with natural beech and birch smoke, with a noticeable taste of a spice mix.

    European sausages are meat products in natural or artificial casing, made from ground meat, fat seasoning and some optional additives. Sausages are usually classified by the processing method. Steamed sausages are good for steaming, frying or baking. Cooked sausages are served as cold cuts. They are made from meat pre-cooked with salt and seasoning and then moist-heated or smoked. Raw sausages are made from raw meat and lard with curing salt and other curing agents, such as various sugars and seasoning.

    Processed, chopped, cured pork meat in natural or artificial casings, smoked and steamed, with the addition of an original mix of natural spices.

    A culinary composition of various kinds of meat, coarsely minced with the addition of fat such as bacon and a mixture of spices and herbs. The seasoned stuffing, baked in baking tins, is characterized by a delicate flavour and aroma.

    Delicate, smoked raw beef meat, filled with flavours.

    Classic smoked pork bacon with a characteristic aroma, flavour and colour of smoked meat.

    The European Sopot tenderloin is steamed and smoked in meat yarn to golden brown colour. It tastes delicate and juicy. It is excellent for sandwiches and as a buffet dish.

    Smoked and cooked ham from the EU is made from pork of beef ham, smoked and cooked. The ham has the shape of an irregular cone, cylinder or ball, depending on the muscles used. The size is not determined, but it should weigh from 1 to 2.5 kilos. The colour is red and pink on the inside and the fat is white with a pink undertone.

    Gammon is the smoked meat of the whole or a large chunk of pork neck, boneless. It is cured and smoked in a net.

    After smoking, gammon may be additionally steamed or cooked.

    Cured part of a beef haunch, free of fat and tendons. Meat cured with spices is first steamed, and then cooked.