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  • A very appreciated meat, valued for its delicate and slightly sweet flavour, characterised by excellent flavour, especially after roasting. Perfect for roasting after stuffing with fruit (apples, plums, cranberries) sprinkled with marjoram, which gives it exceptional flavour and aroma, as well as for stewing and cooking aromatic, intensive stocks.

    Meat covering a bone, relatively firm, valued for its juiciness, delicate flavour and intense aroma.  Suitable for all kinds of uses – frying, roasting, stewing, grilling and smoking. Perfect for making stocks, broths, fricassees and soups.

    A dark pink meat with slight fat layer, with high-quality texture and delicate flavour. Suitable for making breaded fried cutlets and for grilling. Goose breast is also available in smoked form.

    White, tender meat with a very fine texture, part of the breast, with a very short heat treatment time. Perfect for grilling and frying.

    Light pink, delicate and tender meat. Easy to prepare, since it does not require long heat treatment. Suitable for frying, roasting, grilling, cooking and smoking.

    An excellent piece of meat, part of the chicken breast with a delicate texture, very soft and requiring very short heat treatment. Chicken tenderloins are perfect for frying and grilling, as well as for cooking.

    Lean, soft meat with firm texture and slightly sweet flavour.

    Fillets are suitable for grilling, frying as a breaded or stuffed breast, as well as a grilled or smoked salad topping.

    European poultry manufacturers are well aware that more and more consumers look for high quality poultry. The European poultry sector responds to this demand by using manufacturing methods that comply with very strict EU standards governing the entire food production chain and by applying due diligence and care to manufacture high quality poultry.

    Poultry is light, delicate, tasty and easy to prepare.

    High-quality poultry is easy and quick to process. Fresh chicken should be pale pink or light beige, duck – beige or brown and red.

    Turkey is a popular alternative to chicken, but it is more tender and juicy than chicken. Turkey is excellent steamed, cooked, fried or oven-baked, hot or cold, sauté or with a sauce.

    Rosemary, paprika, juniper, thyme, garlic and marjoram go very well with poultry and emphasise its flavour.

    A broad choice of chicken, turkey, duck and other poultry provides a tasty variety on your plate. The various kinds of poultry may be processed in many different ways into an endless variety of tasty dishes.